Hair loss is a very common condition among men and women and it can start at a very young age for multiple reasons. This condition can be upsetting and a source of low self-esteem for many people. The permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplant because the non-surgical solutions for this condition up until this day are insufficient and non-permanent. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair restoration technique based on advanced technologies for extracting and implanting the hair grafts in the most accurate, controlled and precise way to leave the patient with fuller, more natural hair.


Usually, and for most cases, FUE technique involves shaving of the hair at a level that allows the specialists to do the operation properly.

The FUE technique consists in 3 big steps:

The first step is performed by a trained professional anesthesiologist. General anesthesia is usually avoided in hair transplant. In general, if it is not necessary to put a patient in general anesthesia during a surgical procedure, then it is best not to do so. For this reason, all hair transplant surgeons, use local anesthesia for the surgery. This allows patients to remain awake without feeling any pain or discomfort. That way, they can respond to prompts and answering questions. Some patients choose to watch television, use their mobiles or enjoy conversation with our hair transplant team. Local anesthesia is generally administered into the specific regions being treated.

After finishing the local anesthesia, the second step is the extraction and the harvesting of the grafts from the previously shaved donor area. For this step, the specialist starts by creating small holes of less than one millimeter in diameter using a handle on which is fixed the punch to 0.7 mm in diameter centered on a follicular unit of 1 to 4 hair. The drilling of a very high precision must be carried out perfectly in the axis of the hair, in order to avoid deep sectioning the capillary roots and thus preserve the integrity of the graft.

The drilling is done step by step and when the grafts are cut, they are detached one by one by pulling with a micro-clamp. The manual extraction preserves the stem cells located under the capillary bulb. The donor area regenerates easily with no scars and may be requested for subsequent sessions if needed. After that, the grafts are sorted according to the number of hair follicle contained in each graft and stored temporarily in a preservation solution before implantation.

The third and the last step in the procedure is the preparation of the bald area and the implantation of the extracted grafts. The surgeon marks the areas to be treated. This drawing serves as a reference throughout the intervention for the areas to be treated and for the creation of the new hair line. The doctor prepares the bald area by creating many small skin incisions about 1 millimeter wide called slits using a micro-blade. This step is carried out only by the doctor in charge of the surgery because of its delicateness and the proficiency, the concentration and the precision that it takes.

Last but least, each graft is inserted into each slot several millimeters deep by adapting in its receiving site perfectly anchored and stabilized so that only the superficial part of the hair remains visible on the surface.


The FUE technique allows the patient to achieve a high level of density of hair on the grafted area. Also, this technique has no harm to the old hair already present so no damage. With the FUE technique, we offer comfort to the patient with a limited duration of crusts on the grafted area and limited duration of healing of the donor area (about 7 to 15 days), there will be no pain during or after the procedure. İn comparison with the FUT technique, the FUE offers a great offer to the patient as there will be no cuts no stitches and no scars at all. Also, no bandage is needed and very discreet appearance of the grafted area after the healing process. The FUE technique gives you the best most natural look for the grafted area and it is suitable for all hair types.